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2004 Fiber Artists L-P
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Sue Lechnowicz
Mary's Garden
Frances Leverentz
Are You Speaking to Moi?
Janet Lewis
1st Prize - Viewer's Choice
Dale Madansky
A Tribute to Sherlock Holmes
Connie Matheu
The Sea Dragon
Connie Matheu
Undersea Garden of Eden
Connie Matheu
The Ancient Fish
Joanne McCollim
Backyard Poppy
Joanne McCollim
Madam Butterfly
Joanne McCollim
Art-Institute of Chicago
Shirley Merritt
Toilet Paper Quilt II
Shirley Merritt
Toilet Paper Quilt #1
Elizabeth Mini
Chicago "Mooing" into the Millennium
2nd Prize - Viewer's Choice
Jane Moore
Camp Lightning Tree
The 2004 Good Mourning Camp Quilt
Lucy Moss
Little Red School House at Night
Mary Meyers
Andy's New Hampshire Star
Mary Meyers
Erica's Illinois Star
Margaret Mishnick
Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt
Jan Myers
Friendship Starts for Linus
Corinne Niessner
Domino Dog Sweater
Corinne Niessner
Illusion Check Dog Sweater
Linda M. Olszanski
Patricia Tamandl Niffenegger
Linda M. Olszanski
White, Gold and Grey Matter
Jeanette B. Page
A Quilt
Erica Pascal
Little Boxes, Little Boxes
Phyllis Paulo
Quilt for Carrie and Matthew
Mary Pellauer
Blue Banded Agate
Mary Pellauer
Rosemary Pieri
Patty Penner
Judith Peterson
Seashore Collage
Jeri Pollock
New Zealand Silver Fern Unfuris
Jeri Pollock
Silver Fern Detail-Underside
Jeri Pollock
More than the Sun of Our Genes
Beth Polonsky
Political Statement

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