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2004 Fiber Artists Q-Z
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Edyce B. Reizner
Edyce B. Reizner
Umbrellas Are Not Just Made for Rain
Leslie Riley
Valerie Rodelli
Lake View-My Kind of Town
2nd Prize - Viewer's Choice
Valerie Rodelli
Lilies of the Water
Janet Rothwell
The Four Corners
Cecilia Rotter
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Rebecca Rubin
Blue Strippy
Cheryl Sachnoff
Cotton Flowers
Linda Schmidt
Felted Shoulder Bag
Paula Sennett
The Yerkes National Primate Research Center Quilt
Alicia Shems
How Your Garden Grows
Alicia Shems
August Flame
Alicia Shems
Water, Light 1: Migration
Lys Shradeja
On the Road
Angel Sidor
Facet Jewel
Roberta Skelton
Patriot in Purple
Mary Krebs Smyth
You Have to Leave the City of Your Comfort
Mary Krebs Smyth
Wayne Sneath
2nd Prize - Viewer's Choice
Amy Spungen
Spikey Starz
Kevin Stankewicz
Weapons of Mass Reproduction
Sharon O'Keefe Starkman
Swoop and Soar
Ruth Stegmeyer
Faceted Jewels Quilt
Tina Stevens
Leaf Lace Shawl
Fay D. Stickler
Flowing Forest Floor
Jean Thompson
Nancy Drew
Jean Thompson
Snail Trail
Nell Thorpe
Our Lady of the ... Nine Patch
Lori Tilkin
My Daughter's Wedding Chuppah
Pat Velerio
Fish I
Pat Valerio
Sun Flowers
Pat Valerio
Africa II
Devra Wagner
Ann Wasserman
Barbara Wetzel
Meadow Grass
Mary Wahle
Minature Baskets
1st Prize - Viewer's Choice

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